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Experienced, qualified and well-equipped.

We have full NPTC qualifications, comprehensive insurance cover and over 10 years experience in the arboriculture sector. We've worked on all kinds of jobs over this time from small and straightforward to large and technical, so I am confident that we will be able to carry out your tree work requirements, from felling of mature specimens to light pruning or canopy reduction.


Specialist tree work and climbing equipment

We have a comprehensive range of specialist equipment for tree management work, from full tree climbing kit where roped access is required, to chainsaws for every occasion. There are many inherent dangers with tree work, and perhaps the biggest factor in reducing those dangers and adhering to health and safety requirement, is to use the right equipment for the job. 

Disposal of timber and brash

Micro chipper

A significant aspect of most tree work is disposal of cut material. We can remove all logged timber, or if required can cut to size and split for use as firewood.

All branch and twiggy material (brash) can be disposed of by chipping, which we can remove or leave on site. Many customers choose to keep the wood chip as it makes an excellent weed suppressing mulch on shrub beds. In response to this, we have in our range of machinery a micro chipper. These small but powerful machines are comparatively new on the market, and ours has proved invaluable. At only 76cm wide, narrower than a normal gate, we can get the machine around the back of most properties and right to the work site. We can then shoot the chip right into a shrub bed where it is needed, saving a significant amount of time and labour.

This is a totally environmentally sensitive solution. We turn waste into a valuable product that over time decomposes and enriches the soil. Nothing goes to landfill, and there is no carbon footprint, except for the nominal amount of fuel used in the machinery.







Tree preservation orders

Working on trees is not always as straightforward as it may appear. Some locations are classed as conservation areas, or specific trees may carry a TPO (tree preservation order), either can restrict or prevent works being carried out. If this is the case, application must be made to the local authority to justify the intended works. Greentree have a good working relationship with all the local authorities, and can establish if a restriction is in place and if required, draw up suitable applications on your behalf.

The penalties for ignoring a TPO are serious - fines of £20,000 if convicted.

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page last updated: 18/02/2019