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Tree stump chemical treatment

Once a tree has been taken down, the stump which remains can be left and in some species will die and rot down over time. However, most trees will try to grow back, some very vigorously, throwing multiple shoots out from the base. We always complete felling works with the application of a stump killing chemical solution, which has proved extremely effective.


Removal of tree stumps

Of course, the most efficient way to kill a stump is to remove it entirely by using a stump grinder. This is also the best option where the stump would create a trip hazard or would be unsightly. Our stump grinder can remove a tree stump up to 12inches below ground level. The remaining hole can then be filled with topsoil and planted up.The stump grinder can be used on recently felled trees or on old stumps.

Stump grinder removing remains of tree

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page last updated: 02/01/2016