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There are as many styles of paving as there are types of stone. We have used the lot!

Block pavoirs are a popular solution to paving or driveways, and good old fashioned concrete slabs offer comparatively cheap paving, but I confess I prefer the more natural look of real stone, such as the York Stone or Indian Sandstone shown below.

However, each material has its place, and we are happy to discuss your requirements and budget, and come up with a specification and price that fits your need.

Granite sett edged footpath with slate infill

This footpath design used contrasting materials to good effect. Granite setts were bedded into concrete to provide a structural edge, and plum slate used as a surfacing, for a contrast in colour and texture.

Footpath with contrasting materials

York stone paving

This cottage in Hathersage in the Peak District needed a natural material, and Yorkstone slabs fitted the bill beautifully.

Indian sandstone paving

Indian sandstone paving

This project in Wetherby involved constructing a pond behind where the picture was taken, and creating a 'natural' stream joining the existing pond to the new one. Finally, we paved the pictured area along the edge of the stream to provide a terrace in front of the various water features.

Yorkstone grate cover

Yorkstone grate cover

I was pleased with how we disguised an unsightly grate by using a recessed grate cover inlaid with cut and matched Yorkstone.

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page last updated: 02/01/2016